Australia and New Zealand Military Brats of Singapore- In Service Since 2001

We spent 2 wonderful years surrounded by such diverse times before multi-culturalism became a popular word. This valuable life lesson has carried us through to our mature years. It is hoped that this renewed bond will last as it was always meant to, along with Reunions across Australia and New Zealand, to help bring together Australian and New Zealand Brats now scattered across each corner of their countries, and indeed the world.

ANZMBOS Memories

No one remembers Singapore the way ANZMBOS Brats remember Singapore. A unique place and time which we never want to are some of those memories..

Our Schools

Singapore for every Brat was exotic, exciting and educational. We were young primary and high school students, for us it was an impressionable time of our lives which made it all that more special.

Reunion Gallery
Our Reunions

Many old friendships have been reaquainted and many more new friendships formed. We encourage everyone to experience an ANZMBOS reunion at least once in their lifetime..its an experience like no other.

I have always found it strange how something so long ago (and when I was so young) can still have such vivid memories and provoke such strong emotions...– ANZMBOS Member

...I certainly don't look back and have any negative impressions of when I lived there. This could be selective thinking but I like to think its simply due to being lucky enough to have lived in such a wonderful place and have experienced so many things that were so new and different...– ANZMBOS Member years in Singa's will always be some of my happiest..I feel honoured and very privileged to have spent time there, the memories etched in my mind forever..– ANZMBOS Member

Singapore...carefree fun filled days where friendships were made and never forgotten..– ANZMBOS Member