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Brats Welcome Selamat Datang, Hare Mai and Welcome to Auckland and the ANZMBOS 10th Anniversary Reunion weekend, 2013.
40 years ago I stepped off a plane at Paya Lebar airport, hit by a damp wall of heat as I descended the steps onto the tarmac and walked across the runway to the terminal unaware that this was the start of the two most influential, eventful, educational and FUN years of my life.
It was not so much culture shock, but a cultural enlightenment, where we learned firsthand about so many new and different ideas, tastes, smells and concepts we had never experienced before. Singapore, for all of us here this weekend, was a crazy wild adventure, where we seemed to have more fun and more freedom than we had ever had before.
And as Singapore brats we all share those same memories and feelings of a wonderful time in our lives, and it is those shared memories that brings us here to Auckland this weekend.
Just over a year ago I visited, for the first time, the ANZMBOS website, and it was an old black and white photo that first caught my sight - 4 faces that I immediately knew, 3 girls and a boy, from 40 years ago.
The memories, long forgotten, came rushing back, not just of those faces in the photo, but of their brothers and sisters , of friends, teachers, bus rides, discos, strange food, night markets, swimming pools and of first kisses (sigh). I have never previously had any desire to look back at my old schooldays, always looking ahead, and none of my other schools had held any interest to me, but this was different, because Singapore was different.
The emotional impact of connecting with so many of my old friends and school mates from back then is a testament to how much those days had meant to me, and I know that many, if not all of you have felt that same impact.
To be able to connect and relive this wonderful time of my life is a blessing, and that is down to one person, Jo Rendle, who's spark in starting this fire has helped me find so many people who I didn't realise that I had missed so much.
She has created a legacy that hundreds of us are so grateful for, her dedication in bringing so many of us together, rekindling long lost friendships and the joy that she has given to so many of us will never be forgotten - to put it simply, we wouldn't be here without her.
I also have to thank Gill Pennock, Cheryl Swann and Steve Jones for all their help, encouragement and advice in organising this year's Reunion(I just wish I had taken it) ...
But HERE is where WE ARE, and after over 12 years of ANZMBOS, with more new Brats from all years joining the group all the time, our 10th Anniversary Weekend is now upon us, and with so many coming from across the Tasman (you guys and gals amaze me) and from all parts of the country I truly hope that you all enjoy this weekend.
So let your hair down(if you have any left) act disgracefully, and relive your Singapore schooldays in the best way possible ........with your Singapore friends, and most of all have FUN.
Terimah Kaseh and Selamat Datang Rumah (Welcome Home).

Colin Liddell - ANZ Changi HS 1973, NZDF Woodlands 1974
Auckland Reunion Organiser