Our Memories


We are Military Brats from both sides of the ditch, the ones who are the most overlooked part of the military life. Military Brats, the ones who suffer the most, the ones who cry themselves to sleep, the ones who hide inside themselves letting no one in.

Military Brats, the ones who can tell you the time in two ways, the ones who can tell you which Corps from a badge or belt a soldier belongs, the ones who can tell you a soldier's rank just by looking at their insignia.

Military Brats following mums and dads, the ones who move from year to year. The ones who have friends throughout Australia, Aotearoa and the world over.

The ones who have seen New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia. The ones who have seen the sacrifices made through service to ones country from the loss of a dad in more ways than one

As Military Brats, this journey in military life always amazes me - Us brats are but rolling stones gathering no moss, moving from camp to camp, base to base. From the bleakest places in our home lands (Waiouru and Pukapunyal) to foreign lands of vibrant culture, changing school uniforms at every place. How long will we get, will it be two, or will we get three years to grow some roots and some friends.

Some of us hear the call - From Military Brat to Military Man. The son of a soldier compared forever "you're not like your Father boy." The son of a soldier, trying to shake those shackles and be his own man. Why do we do it knowing what we know?

Duty is a noble call and we are but noble men and women, one and all. Still somehow I think there's some who better understand. I'm truly blessed with so much love, friends and a family that light up my life beyond belief at every turn.

Enjoy the journey, look at different things in different ways and do the best you can.

If you hear the call, the right of one is to serve for all.

We are of military men and women, but forever we are military brats one and all.

(Adapted from several readings and influenced from life as a Military Brat of Singapore)

Spud Murphy
ANZMBOS Brat 67-69 & 75-77
returned 88-89 as a 1RNZIR Soldier