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Extract from the Reunion Booklet

Welcome to this 'reunion' of Singapore Brats. What began as an idea - that of a few ANZ Military brats might want to get together in Canberra for an informal meal - has developed into this gathering of forty-plus Singapore Brats to reminisce about their time in Singapore.
Our reunion group is varied - Brit Brats and Aussie Brats from the 60's ANZUK Brats from the 70's-but we all have something in common- we lived in Singapore and went to military-run schools there. Whether we went to the British schools - Alexandra, Gilman, Tengah, Seletar, Sembawang, Changi Grammar, Terror, Wessex or Bourne - or the ANZ schools - Woodlands, Selerang, Changi High - we all enjoyed the same experiences.
Through the ANZ Military Brats website, I've discovered a fantastic group of people that are willing to share memories, share photos and yearbooks, put others in contact with old friends, and to provide a support group for Brats around Australia and even around the world. Who could ask for a better group of friends than that?
So I hope that you all enjoy the reunion, catch up with old friends and meet new ones, have fun
-and remember:

Gill Pennock
Canberra Reunion Organiser

  • Gill Pennock
  • Dawn Wylie
  • Wanda Selva
  • Rosemary Cornwall
  • Mike Ellis
  • Steven Jones
  • Miles Stanton
  • Debra Bateman
  • Susan Dennis
  • Christine Lamb
  • Denise Johnson
  • Gabrielle Johnson
  • Bob Johnson
  • Roll Call

  • Wendy Rice
  • Kim Rice
  • Tracey Rice
  • Peter Petrass
  • Sheryl Hands
  • Marcia Gardner
  • Iain Cruickshank
  • Cathy Lever
  • Graham Lever
  • Lorraine Duboise
  • Russ Morrison
  • Joanne Unwin
  • Stephen Unwin
  • David Unwin
  • Ruth Unwin
  • Nell Unwin
  • Barbara Pretty
  • Maggie Pretty
  • Liz Pretty
  • Etta Burrows