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Extract from the Reunion Booklet

I remember my first reunion. Excited and terrified at the same time. It was over thirty years since I'd seen any of these people. On the Friday morning of the reunion I lost my bottle completely and sat weeping at the breakfast table saying "I can't do it. I can't face them."
If any of you don't remember me, then I'll remind you that I was the epitome of the school nerd back in those days - braces, acne, chess club, and oh so very strict parents. So the last minute terror I felt was overwhelming. But I pulled myself together and with trembling knees went off to the Friday night drinks, telling myself I could leave at any moment as long as I stayed close to the door.
No need to run. I loved every minute of it. No Brat cares what you do for a job, what car you drive, whose label you wear. We're addicted to reliving the memories of being torn from our homes and deposited in a strange land - reliving the fantastic and the amusing experiences of growing up in Singapore. Words are inadequate to describe the experience. Closest I can get to is it's like 'coming home'.
And so I found myself unable to ignore the challenge to offer Christchurch as the destination for 2006. But I simply couldn't do it on my own. Armed with the help of the "Committee": Mike Ellis, Wendy Harris, Sue Hickey and the unofficial but gratefully adopted Russell Bodger (Sue's partner), we set about planning and arranging. You couldn't ask for a better bunch to work with, and I'm proud of my Christchurch Brats who cared so much about making this an event to remember that they so freely gave of their time and resources, and cheerfully put up with me in large doses.
Thanks also to the immediate past committee who backed us all the way with encouraging emails and in particular; Jo Rendle for advice and support in reality checks when the inevitable hiccoughs occurred with the arrangements, Gill Pennock for putting together this booklet, and Steve Jones for being the Aussie contact for collecting the fees.
And lastly, thanks to the Christchurch City Council who donated the services of the Lone Piper, David Wilmott, and to the RSA who kindly gave permission for the Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Bridge of Remembrance.
I cannot tell you how satisfying it is to see all the pieces come together, after living and breathing little else for over a year. We've put the material elements in place - but the enjoyment is now over to you.
Brat Hugs to all

Lorie-Jean Millar
Reunion Organiser

  • Lorie-Jean Millar
  • Mike Ellis
  • Sue Hickey
  • Ann Marks
  • Bronwyn Smith
  • Candy Scott
  • Dawn Wylie
  • Caroline Slater
  • Chanel Haami
  • Cheryl Swann
  • Craig McKenzie
  • Dave Gee
  • Roll Call

  • Steve Jones
  • Wendy Harris
  • Wanda Selva
  • Vicki Marazes
  • Trevor Hillier
  • Steven Howard
  • Sharon Hardiman
  • Sharon Dew
  • Robyn Manning
  • Warick Barbarich
  • Josh Crompton
  • Jo-Anne Rendle
  • Gill Pennock
  • Justine Alderson
  • Fiona Eyles
  • Mike Hutcheson
  • Margaret Nelson
  • Lucille Axford
  • Lee Baumbach
  • Jane Elley Morgan
  • Jackie Slater
  • Darren Solomon
  • Bryce Williamson