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Extract from the Reunion Booklet

Well here we are about to embark on our 5th Annual Brat Reunion.
Who would have thought that, what started in Canberra would be such an anticipated yearly event. To be able to reminisce about old times, embellish stories and laugh at others misfortunes on the sporting arena, for me is a yearly event not to be missed. I have been lucky enough to be able to enjoy this annual BRAT Reunion experience with everyone of the previous 4 reunions. And now it is my pleasure to welcome you all to my home town, Melbourne. I remember that first reunion, it was like going back 30 years, all the memories came flooding back. I had often wondered over the years what had happened to those special people from Singapore, now I had some idea. After every reunion I have been left with an aching face from all the laughing.
My husband, David, while not a BRAT himself, looks forward to each reunion. Renewing old friendships and making new ones is all a part of the BRAT experience.
For all the first time attendees, enjoy, leave your inhibitions at the door and go with the flow. To all the regulars, welcome back.
In closing I would like to thank Trevor and Sandi for their help, to Gill once again a very big thank you for the Reunion Booklet, what would we do without you. To Jo and Jonesy, thank you for being my sounding board. To LJ, for again being the KIWI collection point. And last but not least, to my husband David, for always being there and encouraging me that I could make this reunion a reality.

Dawn Thomas
Melbourne Reunion Organiser

  • Dawn Thomas
  • Trevor Hillier
  • Steve Jones
  • Candy Trew
  • Gill Pennock
  • Robyn Manning
  • Caroline Slater
  • Wendy Rice
  • Lorie-Jean Millar
  • Cheryl Swann
  • Lucille Axford
  • Mike Ellis
  • David Nimmo
  • Gabby Johnson
  • Denise Johnson
  • Ellen Jennings
  • Debbie Anderson
  • Roll Call

  • Traci Simmons
  • Debra Bateman
  • Christine Howard
  • Iain Cruikshank
  • David Ring
  • Rosie Cornwall
  • Marg Nelson
  • Leigh Young
  • Tracey Rice
  • Bronwyn Lord
  • Patrick Wittig
  • Wendy Harris
  • Dan Mooney
  • Maryrose Piper
  • Mal Scott
  • Kathy Wittig
  • Ron Teunissen
  • Colleen Richards
  • Yvonne Evans
  • Jannette Brown
  • Ann Marks
  • Sharon Hardiman
  • Craig McKenzie
  • Sharon Turner
  • Steven Howard
  • Marc Baumback
  • Graham Swann
  • Sheryl Hands
  • Karen McVilly
  • Scott McVilly
  • Andrea McVilly
  • Cameron McVilly
  • Melinda McVilly