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Extract from the Reunion Booklet

We did toy with the idea of writing this entire page in Malay, but seeing as neither of us is fluent in Malay (and depending on what time of the night it is, English) , we decided that relying on spell-check was the better option. We didn't want to disappoint Mr Herbert. Most of us only know swear words anyway so it wasn't one of our better ideas not unlike when we stayed out til 4am in Thailand ignoring the fact that we had to get on a speed boat a few hours later...but that's another story...
So here we are, back in Melbourne for the 10th anniversary ANZMBOS reunion. Some of us have experienced a Brat reunion before, but for others, it's the first time meeting in over 30 years. Hopefully by now you will be wondering what the hell you were worried about when you first toyed with the idea of attending. And Swanny isn't really THAT bad. (Jonesy wrote that not me but it's true)
Firstly we'd like to thank Jo for starting the whole Brat phenomena and changing some of our lives forever. Secondly to Gill, thank you so much for doing the booklet once again and hopefully you didn't need to breathe into a paper bag too many times as the weeks passed and the deadline got closer. To Dawn and Maren who did the initial recce for us in our quest to find suitable venues, very much appreciated. Yes Dawn, as promised the first drink is on us. There is only so much you can do on the internet, less if you're a baby boomer, and without troops on the ground this would have proved very difficult from interstate. Technically Jonesy and I were just pleading over the phone and Dawn did all the leg work. A big thank you to Jannette for organising the Brat merchandise that's available this weekend.
Last but not least, we'd like to thank all of you for joining us in what we hope will be a very worthwhile experience and give you all some happy memories to take home. Relax and enjoy, dance up a storm, tell stories the way you remember them or the way you wish they were. Or just make them up, most of us are too old to remember, or argue anyway. Get to know everybody because one of them may turn out to be your best friend.
Most of all, remember if everybody was in it, it wouldn't be called the A class.

Ahh the "A" Class, we were a very close knit group. Cheryl was a good friend of mine way back in 72, 73, we caught the bus together, sat next to each other in class as well. Our older brothers were best mates. So I couldn't wait to reignite that old friendship at the Sydney reunion in 05. Especially as we were told that Graham and Cheryl were deceased. Anyway, there I was waiting at the airport, I immediately recognised her, hair was shorter, but same smile, she walked straight towards me, arms outstretched, then straight past and hugged a reluctant looking Pakistani tourist and said, "Jonesy, you haven't changed a bit"
Needless to say we got past that initial slap in the face and as the weekend went along we did reacquaint over old stories until Cheryl had the nerve to ask, "By the way, who the hell are you?"
5 years and many disgraceful weekends on, we really did become great friends, and have made many life long bonds. We have created our own brat family now. Can't go back. Can't relive those glorious Singapore days, but we can create wonderful new we have these past 10 years.

Cheryl Swann & Steve Jones
Melbourne 2011 Reunion Organiser

  • Cheryl Swann
  • Steve Jones
  • Mick Jones
  • Graham Swann
  • Robyn Manning
  • Caroline Slater
  • Paula Gee
  • Gabby Johnson
  • Dawn Wylie
  • Maren de la Haye
  • Sharon Hardiman
  • Sharon Roberts
  • Mal Scott
  • Roll Call

  • Wendy Rice
  • Tracey Rice
  • Sheryl Hands
  • Julie Russell
  • Debbie Russell
  • Barbara Dauk
  • Colleen Sullivan-Richards
  • Iain Cruickshank
  • Rodney Axford
  • Lucille Axford
  • Helen Axford
  • Karina Campbell
  • Debra Bateman
  • Gary Bourke
  • Phillip Bourke
  • Gill Pennock
  • Jannette Walsh
  • Lindsay Stone
  • Sharon Stone
  • Karon Marazes
  • Vicky Marazes
  • Joan Marazes
  • Michelle Marazes
  • Tracey Weir