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Extract from the Reunion Booklet

The team putting the event together came up with many different ideas and eventually settled on the plan we have. We wanted to keep it simple and make sure everyone had time to do their own thing as well as enjoying the organised venues and get togethers.
There has been a huge amount of work in putting the reunion together and when asked for help there have been many people who have not hesitated to provide assistance. Through Brat connections we have been able to gain access to restricted parts of Singapore, we have been invited to visit the ANZ School in Changi and we have been able to visit and get opinions on hotels, restaurants and locations in Singapore.
I would like to publicly thank the following people who I consider to be the 'Dream Team', for all they have done to keep thinks moving and make the reunion dream a reality.
Steve Jones   Iain Cruickshank  Bronwyn Lord  Monique Morely  Gill Pennock  Jo Rendle
There have been many others that have contributed in some way, and now all that is left is for those going to immerse themselves in the culture of Singapore and the camaraderie of the brats. Singapore is our special place and I personally have enjoyed my involvement in the preparation of the reunion. The greatest satisfaction for me now will be to see the smiles and hear the laughs of those enjoying our second home.

Mike Ellis
Singapore 2008 Reunion Organiser

  • Mike Ellis
  • Steve Jones
  • Iain Cruickshank
  • Bronwyn Lord
  • Steven Howard
  • Dawn Thomas
  • Gill Pennock
  • Barbara Dauk
  • Cheryl Swann
  • Sharon Turner
  • Wendy Rice
  • Tracey Rice
  • Roll Call

  • Tracey Weir
  • Julie Russell
  • Debbie Russell
  • Ann Marks
  • Craig McKenzie
  • Ian Mahoney
  • Christine Howard
  • Maren Mandahl
  • Glad Raumati
  • Candy Scott
  • Debs Siegert
  • Rowan Shedden
  • Debbie McKenzie
  • Gabby Johnson
  • Myra Gorrie
  • Lucille Hopkins
  • Colleen Richards
  • Jannette Brown
  • Andrea Lord
  • Shirleyanne Freakes
  • Monique Morley
  • Todd Bowler