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As Military Brats, we are used to adapting to new places and situations moving around from state to state, island to island, with our Fathers postings. Singapore was especially challenging for it was a whole new country and very different from anything we'd ever known.
Singapore for every Brat was exotic, exciting and educational. We were young primary and high school students, for us it was an impressionable time of our lives which made it all that more special.
We spent 2 wonderful years surrounded by such diverse cultures...in times before multi-culturalism became a popular word.
This valuable life lesson has carried us through to our mature years.

It is hoped that this renewed bond will last as it was always meant to, along with Reunions across Australia and New Zealand, to help bring together Australian and New Zealand Brats now scattered across each corner of their countries, and indeed the world.
Many Australian and New Zealand Servicemen Dependants attended school in Singapore during one, or more, change-overs.
(Brits - ANZUK - NZ)

This can cause some confusion when remembering the name of the school you attended and where it was located. By clicking on the school names found here on the left, you will find a very basic outline of the changes from 1971 to 1989.

This is to help give you some idea of what came before or after you, and if you were too young to remember...what was happening while you were there.

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