Our Schools

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With the announcement of the withdrawal of Australian Forces, further changes in the education system were needed and in December, 1973, New Zealand announced that it would assume responsibility for the continuation fo educational services for NZ pupils and those Australian children remaining in theatre. It was decided that New Zealand would establish three schools, one each at Woodlands, Tengah and Seletar, to open on the commencement of the second term May 1974.

Work commenced at Woodlands School in late December 1973 to prepare the necessary specialist and secondary classrooms in Blocks A to D, later in the first term 1974 work commenced at Seletar to prepare the building which had been used as a married quarters ex-change shop for occupation at a school. The four ANZ Schools closed on 10th May 1974, after having been operating for 2 years and nine months, and the majority of equipment was moved during the vacation.

In May, 1974, three New Zealand Services Schools opened:

  • NZ Services School Woodlands
  • NZ Services School Tengah
  • NZ Services School Seletar

With the final withdrawal of British Forces during 1975 and the re-location of NZ families at Tengah, Nee Soon and Woodlands, further changes to the education system followed. On the 19th of December 1975 Seletar School was closed and from February 1976 all children attended either Woodlands or Tengah Schools thus saving a great deal of travelling time.